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Welcome to Trust Tree

We’re looking for the women that want an authentic tribe of kickass Sisters that are doing what it takes to make their lives work. Whether that’s running a multi national corporation or a multi person household, it’s all good. 


We crave connection and community. Our desire is to create a web of trusting relationships for women to rely on in all phases of our lives. That’s not too much to ask, is it? 


If you’re looking for something deeper than an exchange of inspirational memes on social media, please consider attending one of our Trust Tree sponsored events, meet like minded women, learn a little, have fun and maybe, perhaps, find the tribe you’ve been dreaming of.


We’re all about collaboration and lifting each other up through action. To that end, we’ve partnered with NW Wicks, an emerging Southwest Washington candle company run by two sisters (and Sisters, obvi) to develop a series of candles that celebrate the fire within us. Our first effort is the Courage scent, an enticing blend of black currant and absinthe. We’re only producing these in limited quantities so click on over to our shop before they disappear. 


Our next candle launches in January. 


Please, feel free to look around, we’re a bit under construction right now as things are evolving quickly, so check back for updated information. 

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